Elsie Pretty Girl Doll


Else Pretty Girl Doll is beautiful inside and out, like all the dolls from the Pretty Girl Collection she knows that her own individuality and attributes of caring, sharing, and being a good friend contribute more to her beauty than any physical appearance. 

Darling Elsie Doll is a soft and loveable knit doll with adorable features. From her blonde hair to her adorable pink boots, she is perfect for a baby's first doll, a big sibling gift, or a special gift for any birthday or holiday.

Elsie features a kind smile on her embroidered face framed with sunny yellow blonde ponytails and a sweet pale pink soft felt hat! Elsie comes with a two-piece outfit in soft pink polka dot bloomers with a tulle skirt on top, ready to twirl, and perfectly matching her darling pink boots. Soft and huggable body with grey and white knit stripe legs and arms are perfect for snuggling.

The perfect choice for baby's first doll, as she is heirloom quality, yet soft and love-able, with details that are sure to be appreciated throughout the years. 

Dress up your pretty girl with custom doll accessories!

Doll Size: 15 Inches

Content: Cotton and Polyester, Vinyl Boots

Care: Spot Clean

我们设计可爱的爱犬,精湛的毛绒动物以及奇妙的“ hareloom”礼物,这些礼物将终生难忘。我们的目标是将您的礼物列入清单,以备待准父母,糊状的新生儿,各个年龄段的可爱孩子以及需要兔子拥抱的任何人!

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